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@telier Liesbeth van Moorsel

Welcome to my website and engage in the fascinating world of language, seen trough an artists eye.


Recent work 


Stars on the Canvas
An inspiring conversation with Thomas Erdbrink


Saturday December 16 NPO2 8:40 PM episode 6 -Thomas Erdbrink- 


This summer I had the honor of working with Stars on the Canvas. What a fantastic adventure! Who are we going to paint? The first recordings were in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden, so I had already googled who it could be? Jochem Meijer, Isa Hoes? These names immediately came up as a search result.


And then the moment of the meeting……..


It is Thomas Erdbrink, our man in Tehran and our man in the Taliban. Now a two-time winner of the Silver Nipkow Disc and a highly regarded journalist and correspondent. I did not recognize him immediately upon entering, but I had heard of his programs.


During the interview with Ozcan, I listened with fascination to his life story. I was also impressed by his vulnerability and the story he represents. The strength and resilience of people, especially women, in countries where there is oppression and inequality. I tried to portray this story in a portrait of Thomas


Together with my fellow artists Daria Birang and Denny Stoekenbroek, we unveiled our works in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. Curious about the result and the interview? Then watch Saturday, December 16 at 8:40 PM on NPO2.

Sterren op het Doek - Thomas Erdbrink - 2023 - Amy van Leiden - (1).jpg

From left to right participating artists, Daria Birang, Denny Stoekenbroek, Liesbeth van Moorsel


I started my career in communications. Always asking the question what is needed to get through to people in order to let them buy, understand or feel something. What's happening in their world, what are their circumstances and why do they do what they do? This curiosity let me to venture into trying to answer some of these questions for myself.

Throughout the years I attended many growth & development programs, read many books about these topics and listened to old and new philosophers, While doing this I found out that my passion in life is to create through art and language.

In 2016 I got a degree in graphic design as a media designer at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and in 2021 a finished 'De Opleiding' (a multi-year program to become an autonomous artist) at the SKVR in Rotterdam. Combined with my background in communications and interest in philosophy my creative work is to explore the world of language seen through an artists eye.

Watercolor paintings exploring what language or conversations would look like visually?


How do we create our world in language?  What would a conversation between people look like, painted as a landscape? Through which language models do we look at the world and how does it impact how we visualize the world around us? What languages lay hidden in the expression of our bodies? What does language look like in our brains? These are just a few of the questions that fascinate me, and I'm trying to figure out in my work as an artist. This field is vast, abstract, endless and dynamic. Through painting, drawing, mixed media, collages and computer graphics I try to explore this world more....



If you are curious about my work or would like to have a conversation about Art & Language please contact me. I'm always interested in creating together with you! I'm an artist based in Rotterdam and I paint portraits, make drawings, mixed media items, and graphic designs. You can also make an appointment to visit me in my studio. New exhibitions or events will be posted on the calender below.

inhangen expositie taal in beeld 6.jpeg


Stars om Canvas- Sat 16 Dec

South Explorer 2024- Sat 20 & Sun 21 April


Let's get in touch!

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