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Exhibition Art & Language




Exhibition Art & Language

The influence of language on our daily live

We live in a physical world, there are objects all around us. But what we often don't realize is that we also live in a world of language. Because this is so common for us, we often don't think about how language affects our lives. All our thoughts and ideas take shape through spoken sounds that we give meaning. These sounds can determine our day considerably. Just look at how it affects you if you have had an annoying conversation with, for example, a colleague or your partner. On the other hand, a special conversation or a nice compliment will make your day again! And just think about the conversations you have with the people around you. You are probably talking about something completely different with your mother than with your best friend and how do you have a good conversation with someone who literally speaks another language? With language we create a big part of our lives, how we feel, how we interact with others and how we act!


In my exhibition I investigate language. What conversations do we have with each other, what dynamics do these conversations have, are they fast, slow, short or long? And if you were to color a conversation, for example, what color would it be? The conversations we have and the language we use are like a landscape between two people who are talking.


I try to 'capture' this dynamic of language in an imagination. Through 18 portraits. The portraits are painted in blue and white on wood with oil paint. Man is, as it were, a blueprint, through the language we use we give color to our lives. The colored plexiglass plates that will hang in the space in front of the portraits represent this and give a spatial dynamic to the exhibition (see video).

The Portraits

Exhibition Hillevliet video

21 January 2023 - 31 March 2023, Hillevliet Rotterdam 

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Would you like to tell your story and have it made into a beautiful piece of art? Please contact me.

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