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"Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing" - Georgia O'Keeffe 



Experimental work Art & Language

How do we create our world in language?  What would a conversation between people look like, painted as a landscape? Through which language models do we look at the world and how does it impact how we visualize the world around us? What languages lay hidden in the expression of our bodies? What does language look like in our brains? These are just a few of the questions that fascinate me, and I'm trying to figure out in my work as an artist. This field is vast, abstract, endless and dynamic. Through painting, drawing, mixed media, collages and computer graphics I try to explore this world.

How do we 'talk' with our bodies?

In these drawings I try to capture the dynamics of bodylanguage.

Collages body language

The journey of language

It's fascinating if you think about the 'journey' of language in our body to another body. From electric impulses in the brain, forming thoughts and being vocalized through our vocalcord, Than sounds occupy the space between people,  communication can be established by a mutual understanding of these sounds. This is a fragile proces, as we often experience a form of miscommunication between people. Through a series of drawings, (digital) collages and mixed media art I tried to explore some of the facets of this proces.

Visualisation of language in the brain

What language could look like in a space or between people

Experimenten taal7.png
experimenten taal4.png
Taal in beeld_10.png

Digital collages: What are we saying?

What do we speak into the world? What are the conversations we have with ourselves and with others? I made a series of collages that explore this converations.

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